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This website serves as a complement to the official team website (found here).  That site will have the latest roster, game schedule and official team information.

This website, instead, will help you by:


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In addition, we want you to interact with this website year-round and not just during the season.  Here are just some of the ways in which we hope to be able to provide you information that you may find beneficial 365 days a year:


While the primary function of this website is to give you more information about the Texas Marshals and the Texas Collegiate League, we want this website to be a resource for you as much as possible 52 weeks a year.

Please let us know what other resources you are seeking either which are related to the sport of baseball or the Dallas County, Collin County and Denton County regions.

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Marshals, Texas Collegiate League and the other resources we provide on this site.


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We look forward to seeing you at upcoming Texas Marshals and other TCL games and events in the near future!

Thank you to our fans who support the team and encourage us!


You also are welcome to see more about all of the Texas Collegiate League teams, by clicking any marker (pin) of interest to you on this Google My Map.   Each pin (marker) has the team name, address, images pertaining to the team and stadium, website link and (if available) official team YouTube channel:




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