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Thank you to the offices of Wyde & Associates for being fans of this site dedicated to the Marshals.  The law firm offers criminal records clearing and expungement (sometimes called “expunction”) legal services to those who live or work in Allen and Collin County communities.

Here is some information about criminal records clearing and expunging from the firm’s website:

Under Texas Law, if someone has been convicted, including being incarcerated in a penitentiary or jail, placed on probation or community supervision, including deferred adjudication, then that person is not eligible to have this conviction expunged from either government records systems or public record systems.

However, if someone has been found not guilty of a criminal charge, also known as being “acquitted”, by a judge or jury, or “no billed” by a grand jury, then the records associated with that specific charge may be expunged. Also, if someone has had a criminal charge dismissed due to being unlawfully arrested, the suppression of illegally obtained evidence by the police or mistake of fact, that person is eligible to have that criminal record expunged from all government record systems and public record systems.

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