Texas Marshals Players

These are the players who were on the Texas Marshals’ active roster at one point during the 2017 season and in recent seasons.

Texas Marshals Roster 2018

Anthony Chavez
James Ferguson
Will Gilbert
Scott Knowles
Michael Parmaly
Zach Rother
Shane Scott
Sheats Sheats
Craig Sullivan
Aguilar Aguilar
Cory Heffron
Justin Robison
Cameron Dobbs
Justin Lott
Zavier Moore
Nathan Patton
Hunter Robichaux
Ben Rowdon
Andre Ruche
Brandon Talley
Jared Free
Jay French
Calder Mikell
Derek Mueller
Micah Walker
Joaquin Balesteros
Jesse Beacon


Texas Marshals Roster 2017

Alex Galy
Alex Harper-Cook
Alex Stiegler
Andre Ruche
Austin Reich
Brandon Saddler
Brandon Talley
Calder Mikell
Casey Maack
Chase Morris
Cody Duplechin
Connor Scruggs
Cooper Rentfro
Derek Mueller
Eric Bullock
Hunter Punjak
Hunter Robichaux
Ian Landry
Jack Denzer
Jacob Salim
Jaime Lovell
James Ferguson
Jaylon Keys
Jeremy Hammer
Jose Delmar
Josh Aguilar
Josh Ponder
JT Vangelder
Justin Lott
Phillip Kunsa
Quintin Pile
Sam Springer
Taylor Broadway
Wes Engle



Texas Marshals Roster 2016

Click an individual player’s name for more information about him:

  • Keaton Brewer
  • Hunter Robichaux
  • Danny Garrett
  • Ryan Hill
  • Jackson Bond
  • Zach Wilson
  • Seth Jordan
  • Cameron Copeland
  • Chase Morris
  • Jordan Reynolds
  • Parker Cormack
  • Justin Robison
  • Tanner DeVinny
  • Casey Jacobsen
  • Justin Lott
  • Tanner Ivey
  • Aaron Studdard
  • Joseph Pecoraro
  • Sam Gutierrez
  • Pierce Khan
  • Cody Clarke
  • Carlos Reyes
  • BJ Findley
  • Jake Perez
  • Isaac Geisenger
  • Dylan Lewis
  • Syeed Mahdi
  • Bryce Tolliver


Texas Marshals Roster 2015

Click an individual player’s name for more information about him:


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